Copper Crafts Craftsman

We are the center for copper and brass crafts, home for copper craftsmen who are known to be Tumang craftsmen, located in Tumang Cempogo, Boyolali, there are also brass copper craftsmen, juwana, brass copper craftsmen in Jogja, brass copper craftsmen in Klaten, indeed Indonesian copper craftsmen are located and are commonly called copper craft centers or brass craft center

Brass copper craft is a craft full of beauty that can be called the art of beauty which is usually shown in public places for copper dome crafts or brass domes. Copper and brass crafts are usually applied to calligraphy, domes, prophetic miniature lamps, prophetic doors, corporate identities, mosque identities etc.




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The results of copper and brass crafts cannot be done by ordinary people who do not have artistic skills and expertise in forging. People who are good at forging brass copper are called copper craftsmen or brass craftsmen. Brass copper craftsmen, copper craftsmen, since 1995 until now we are located in Cepogo, Boyolali today which is known as Cepogo copper craftsmen, Boyolali copper crafts centers, brass crafts centers.

Crafts from copper used to be synonymous with workmanship for the beauty of houses of worship such as copper dome crafts, but as time goes by, copper dome craftsmen, for example, have begun to innovate in workmanship such as brass calligraphy, so like us, Insha Allah, ready to work in any type of metal, such as copper brass crafts, iron crafts and brass from the forging process, cast brass crafts or commonly called cast brass craftsmen, brass and copper crafts have many types of processes

In working on copper brass crafts, we are ready to work for all of Indonesia, so don’t be afraid you are in the capital looking for brass craftsmen in Jakarta and even you in foreign countries. Currently, we are home craftsmen who are known as Tumang copper craftsmen or Boyolali copper craftsmen, very happy with the existence of online media as it is today. Tumang copper handicrafts are increasingly widespread to foreign countries.

Please see our catalog of copper crafts, copper and brass craftsmen, copper craftsmen, are ready to fulfill your wishes, we can adjust your budget to keep it looking beautiful